Construction Management

Construction Management, is a service provided by Design/Build by Visner.  Construction Management can take several forms but for the  most part involves assuming the role as manager of the project.  The approach is to understand, research, purchase, contract and see to the complete construction while continually looking out for the best interest of their clients. Communication, record keeping, and efficient operation are all trademarks of Design/Build by Visner. 

Client Representative, another form of Project Management offered by Design/Build by Visner.  When an owner finds himself or their contractor over their heads or at a disagreement, Design/Build by Visner can provide the experience, negotiation, and expertise to see that the project is completed in a fair and meaningful way.   

Business Planning, plays a big part when considering a business that needs design and construction.  Many times the design is entwined with the feasibility of the project. Options need to be considered to insure that the expectations of the owner are met and that the business is viable.   Putting together feasibility studies, business plans, and working the owners through the process is something that Design/Build by Visner excels in.

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