Architectural Design

Design/Build by Visner designs the vast majority of their projects and offer design services for those in need.  An award winning designer, Jeffrey A. Visner has been designing homes, commercial properties, and interiors for more than 30 years.  If you are looking for something to fit in with the existing surroundings or want the architecture to stand out from the crowd, Design/Build by Visner can provide the results you are looking for.  Jeff was the first designer/architect in Wisconsin to obtain the awarding winning CAD program "Archicad" by Graphisoft.  Having the right tools for the job is important in all facets of construction, including Design.  

New Home/Commercial Design begins by reviewing the property, desires, budget, and any other factors that may come into play.  Once all is understood, suggestions, comments, and options will be verbalized so that the thought and review process can be advanced.  Once the direction is concluded, a conceptual plan is completed, reviewed, and amended if necessary.  The conceptual plan is followed by a bid set of plans that provides the necessary information for obtaining a construction proposal.  When the bids have been received and the project is a "GO", construction documents are completed for construction. 

Addition/Remodeling Design begins much the same was as addressing a new home.  The big difference is that we have some tangibles to work with and this requires that we measure and draw what exists. 

Interior Design has been a specialty of Design/Build by Visner as evidenced by the projects pictured under "Interiors."  Jeffrey A. Visner has been recognized as a premier designer of Kitchens and Baths, has a CKD certification and sees to the completion of all millwork.  "Details Makes the Difference", is certainly true when it comes to cabinets and millwork.  Other Interior Elements are essential to good design and include built ins, custom millwork, distressed elements, stairwells, flooring, wood trusses, etc..  When it comes time for colors, textures and placing furniture, Design/Build by Visner is there as well.  

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